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Our web-site is our catalog. It is too costly to prepare and publish catalogs compared to using the Internet. Catalogs become quickly outdated. The Internet is cost effective and responsive to our current needs. Easy to maintain and update. We are continually adding more graphics and photos as higher tech modems, Internet lines, and computers can handle them without tying up a lot of download time. We do not have all items listed on our website yet. If there is something that you need, but it is not listed, please let us know. We will respond with prices, a quote, or will try to help you find a source to meet your needs.

A fantastic buy
Great stones for a small price
These 9 x 7 mm stones were mined in China. The stones are eye clean to loupe clean and are of a rich peridot color.

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Loose stones of less quality
in this size normally sell for
more than $50 each

These stones are natural
and untreated.

We now have them available
for you at only

$39.50 each
Does not include shipping and handling costs.

We pass the savings onto you.
We have a small limited supply.
So do not miss out.

High Quality
with Glass Tops

Comes with two high quality foam pads in each box. One pad is 1/8-inch thick and the other is 1/4-inch thick. Each foam pad can easily be removed to accommodate high-depth gemstones.

These 1½" x 1½" x ¾" Gem Boxes are an EXCELLENT way to display, store, and protect your gems and other valuables.

$2.60 each
Ten for $20
Fifty for $75
One Hundred for $130

Does not include shipping and Handling costs

ship. wt. is 1.5 lb per dozen

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For that SPECIAL Someone or Yourself.
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Listed Retail is $219.95

Now available for only
We highly recommend this vibratory-type tumbler for shaping and polishing rocks.

We believe this is the best, easiest, fastest, most efficient, economical tumbler for the price.

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Does not include shipping costs, additional abrasive
grit and polish, or rocks

It comes complete with grit and "Rapid 61 Polish" to do one load. However, We recommend paying an additional $21.95 for the the LOT-O-GRIT PACK with "Rapid 61 Polish" that will do 20 to 25 batches. Please specify in your request and add additional shipping and handling costs for 5 pounds shipping weight.

For that SPECIAL Someone or Yourself.
Fluorescent Lamp
This particular Model PP-FLS will provide both shortwave and longwave flourescent light.

To enlarge, click on photo
Listed Retail is $142.00

Now available for only
Does not include shipping and handling costs.

This is one of the most VERSATILE
and POWERFUL ultraviolet lamps
on the market.


It uses four "AA" batteries (not included) or a 115V AC adapter (included)

This is a FUN Lamp to play with and prospect with.

Comes with a
60-page book
written by
Harry C. Wain

with 22 pages devoted to
Fluorescent mineral identification.

other models

To Order

Minimum Order is $50
Orders Less than $50 will be charged an additional $6.50

Gift Certificates

Available in $50, $100, and $1000 values
100% of the face value can be applied towards the purchase of gemstones, jewelry, lapidary equipment and supplies from Jack Slevkoff's Prized Possessions. If full face value is not used in a purchase, the excess amount up to 25% of the certificates value will be refunded upon request in cash when the order is placed. All gift certificates have a 12 month redemption period from date of issue, otherwise, after 12 months, will expire with no value.

These GIFT CERTIFICATES can be purchased from Us at face value.
An excellant gift for that "SPECIAL" someone.

"Facet Bob"*
Complete Faceting System
With this system, one is capable of faceting any stone
from Apatite and Amethyst to Rubies and Sapphires.

Facetron faceting machine . . . $3899.00 retail value
"Bob's Choice" . . . $919.03 total retail value
"The Kings Polish" . . . $408.00 total retail value
Total value: $5,226.03
now for only
a savings of  $205.58
Shipping Weight is 50 pounds.
Shipped in 2 or 3 packages.
Add $87 for Shipping and handling costs if within Continental USA.
Add $32.80 for insurance, if desired
For More Info or
to compare
Click Here
* "Facet Bob," "The Kings Polish," "Bob's Choice" are
trade marks owned by Jack Slevkoff

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We no longer accept credit cards
due to identity theft and credit card fraud
However, We do accept ...

  1. Gold and Silver Coins
  2. NORFED Currency
  3. Cashier's Checks
  4. Money Orders especially Postal Money Orders
  5. Wires -- Wire Transfers are a quick way to make payment especially for those who are outside the US or usA.
    Routing and Account information may be provided upon request.
    Add $25 for handling and bank processing fees for wire transfers
  6. Personal and Business Checks Allow 15 working days to clear bank processing before requests are filled and sent out

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Gold Coin Silver Dollar

NORFED Currency
NORFED Currency
is a silver or gold backed lawful currency
Make checks and money orders payable to:  Jack Slevkoff

Ideal Gifts
Rotory-type Tumblers
Recommend 6 pound with extra barrel
and add C. My Perfection Grit Kit
Vibratory-type Tumbler
Cabbing Machines
Pixie, Genie, or Titan
Trim Saws and Rock Saws
Make cabs or polish small flats with a
Flat Laps
Make rock spheres or eggs with a
Sphere Machine
Cut Curves with
" Taurus II " Ring Saw
Polish flat areas of rocks with
Vibratory Laps
Flex Shaft
for Carving and drilling
Black Light
discover rocks that fluoresce
under ultraviolet light
Cut and polish opals
and other materials with an inexpensive

Spool Polisher
See Index at left for
Opals and other gemstones
Gold Panning
and Prospecting Kit
Geology tools
Be sure to get your order in early.
Allow enough time for shipping

Pertaining to Gemstones
The terms " Cab " (a noun) or " cabbed " (a verb or adjective) are short forms of the word Cabochon which describes a stone having a rounded surface. In ancient times most stones were polished cabs. Most opaque stones and opals today are cut, shaped, and polished into cabs.

Opals are some of the most beautiful and interesting cabs available. The opal itself is composed of noncrystalline hydrous silicon dioxide usually having more than 1 to 2% water content. Whereas, quartz which also is composed of silicon dioxide is crystalline and contains less than one percent water. Yes, It is hard to believe there is water in them rocks, but there is.

Other stones usually cut into cabs are jade, jasper, moonstones, turquoise, rhodonite, rhodochrosite, chrysoprase, labradorite, lapis lazuli, sodalite, malachite, agates, and various chatoyant stones oriented and cut to show stars or cats-eyes. Stones having stars or cats-eyes also fit into another group of stones called phenomenal stones which means having unusual visible characteristics that are exceedingly remarkable or extraordinary.

When giving...
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Give a Gift
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Faceted stones have flat faces on the surface of the stone called " facets. " Most transparent stones are cut with facets to bring out the brilliance and color and in some cases to disperse the light which enters it into various colors of the rainbow called dispersion.

Some stones are Carved and make nice broaches (also spelled " brooch "), pins, pendents (also spelled " pendants "), ornaments, or displays. Sometimes these carvings are sought after by collectors as works of art or for their historical nature.

Rare, unusual, collector stones are stones that the general public does not know exist or are too soft to use for jewelry. These stones are usually owned or bought by a small group of individuals who are connoisseurs of gemstones or like to own the unusual. Often times, the largest known may be less than a carat in size. They may be scarce or rare but may not be expensive. For example a 0.15 carat hauynite may cost only $55. Hauynite does not normally get much bigger than this.

Synthetics, simulants, and imitations are man made. Synthetics have the same chemical and physical characteristics of the natural gemstones but are produced by man in laboratories. Synthetics are not classed as imitations, but must be designated as " synthetic ". Even diamonds have been successfully synthesized since 1955 and are now becoming profitable in the gem market. Whereas, simulants also called imitations do not have the same characteristics, but are made to look like the natural gemstone.

Gem rough are stones that are capable of being cabbed or faceted but are still in their natural rough state.

Faceting Kit

Wedding Band


Make an Offer
The Presentation

Returned items are subject to a 10% restocking fee.
No refunds will be given on items altered or used.

Special! Now offering 20X face for pre-64 US silver coins in trade for gemstones.

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