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from the loquat Tree (Eriobotrya japonica) also called May Apple, Japanese medlar, and/or Japanese plum

Make your own tea or remedy from Our leaves.

Leaves from the loquat tree [pronounced: "LOH-kwaht"] are sometimes used like or substituted for tea. Many people claim to receive certain benefits from the leaves. People in China and Japan especially claim special healing benefits from the leaves. Some of the benefits of Loquat leaves are mentioned on the following webpage:

Loquat Leaf, fruit and seed; Dr. Michael Tierra L.Ac., O.M.D

"The leaves and kernel contain amygdalin (amygdalin is otherwise known as the anti-cancer vitamin, B17 or laetrile)"

Cluster of fruit The following excerpt taken from
TRIPLE LEAF TEA--Ancient Chinese Medicinal Teas

What is the function of the Loquat Leaf and Malva Verticellata in the diet teas?

Peter Holmes in THE JADE REMEDIES states that loquat leaf is a gastric sedative and antiemetic, and a respiratory sedative, antitussive and expectorant. In traditional Chinese medicine terms, Holmes writes that it works on the respiratory and digestive systems, and the lung and stomach channels. According to THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HERBS by Demi Brown, loquat leaf is "a bitter, expectorant herb that controls coughing and vomiting; it is effective against bacterial and viral infections...internally for bronchitis, coughs with feverish colds, nausea, vomiting, hiccups, and persistent burping."

an exotic healthy green tea
Choice Leaves Dried and Crushed, Ready for Use
Quantity Price S&H Total
1 oz $5.00 $3.00 $8.00
5 oz $17.50 $6.00 $23.50
10 oz $30.00 $7.00 $37.00
1 lb $45.00 $7.50 $52.50
5 lb $200.00 $17.00 $217.00
10 lb $370.00 $30.00 $400.00
There are 28.35 grams per ounze. 16 oz per lb.
For Canada, add $1.50. For 3-day or Priority usA, add $2.50.
For requests outside usA and Canada, ask for quote.

To Order
No minimum required on "loquat leaf" requests.
Ignore $50 minimum on ORDER FORM

The amount of servings is dependent upon
how strong the drink is.
Three grams may make about two one-cup servings.

Make this natural beverage by pouring boiling water over the leaves. Let brew for 3 to 6 minutes. Strain out leaves. Drink while hot, or chill it by adding ice.

To spice up your tea-like drink, add sugar, honey, and or various amounts of Cinnamon, Ginger, Cloves, etc to satisfy your taste buds. Or, just add the loquat leaf brew to any favorite tea or drink.

For Larger Quantity Requests
Price per pound
1 to 10 Pounds 11 to 50 Pounds 51 to 100 Pounds
"Grade A" -- Fresh picked, fairly clean, very little blemishes
$15.50 $13.50 $11.50
"Grade B" -- Fresh, some dust, blemishes, holes, and tears
$12.25 $11.25 $10.25
"Grade C" -- Dusty, blemished, large holes, tears, some debris
$10.75 $8.75 $6.75
"Grade D" -- Fallen-dead, brown leaves, some dust & debris
$8.40 $7.40 $6.40
"Picked and Dried" -- Coice Leaves, limited supply
$31.50 $24.50 $19.50

Grades A, B, and C are freshly picked leaves.

There are 2.2 pounds per kilogram.

The leaves will be sent out within 3 to 4 working days upon receipt of payment unless some conflicting emergency arises. When fresh-picked green leaves arrive, immediately open the box and spread the leaves apart so that they are not compacted and can dry. Otherwise, rot, mildew, or spoiling may occur.

All of Our plants, leaves, and fruit are grown organically.
We do not use pesticides or fumagents.

Currency Calculator

No minimum required on "loquat leaves" requests.
Ignore $50 minimum on ORDER FORM

Subject to availability
Prices subject to change without notice.
We reserve the right to refuse any request and or order.

The above costs for the larger requests of Loquat Leaves do not include shipping and handling costs.
For 3-day shipping and handling costs anywhere in USA
by carrier of our choice, add the following amounts that apply:
under 3 pounds, add $8.50,
3 pounds to 4.9 pounds, add $12.50,
5 pounds to 9.9 pounds, add $17.50,
10 pounds to 14.9 pounds, add $25.50,
15 pounds to 24.9 pounds, add $35.50,
25 pounds to 40.0 pounds, add $48.50,
over 40 pounds, FOB plus $15.00 for handling.
Ask for costs for shipping outside of USA.
Overnight or 2-day air available at an additional cost upon request.

We no longer accept credit cards due to excessive Identity theft and fraud.
However, We do accept Cashier's checks and money orders in US$ issued by a US bank.
Make check's and money orders payable to "Jack Slevkoff" and send request with payment to:

Jack Slevkoff's Enterprises
c/o 4460 West Shaw Avenue, Suite 140
Fresno, Non-domestic
California [Zip Exempt]

To Order

This large evergreen shrub or large tree that grows to about 20 feet tall and 10 feet wide in 10 years originated in China. The leaves are usually 6 to 12 inches long, look and feel leathery and somewhat veiny, and have sawtooth edges. They are dark green on top and the undersides are covered with a lightly dusted tan fuzz. There are about 3 to 4 pounds of leaves per cubic foot packaged (slightly compressed).

Loquat seed pits are many times higher in amygdalin than the leaves.
There are people who will eat one in morning and one in evening.

10 seed pits for $8.50
plus $4 shipping and handling in USA
S&H via GLOBAL PRIORITY is $9.00

Payment must be accompanied with signed agreement

Or, use the seeds to grow your own trees

To Order

Or you can purchase loquat fruit from us when in season.


Loquat Recipes

Loquat Leaves Wanted

Email: Jack@gemworld.com

Our temporary Post (mailing) location is:

Jack Slevkoff's Enterprises
c/o 4460 West Shaw Avenue, Suite 140
Fresno, Non-domestic
California [Zip Exempt]


To Order

Our Loquat leaves and seeds have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
We make no claim to diagnose, treat, and or cure.
We make no claim that Our leaves and seeds prevent or cure any disease.
Consult your health care professional.

Email us at:

Our temporary post (mailing) location is:

Jack Slevkoff's Prized Possessions
GemWorld.com Division
c/o 4460 West Shaw Avenue, Suite 140
Fresno, Non-Domestic
California [Zip Exempt]

To Order

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